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Eyelash Perm / Eyelash Lift FL

Eyelash Perm / Eyelash Lift

Eyelash Perm / Eyelash Lift
Eyelash Perm / Eyelash Lift in Florida

Eyelash Perm / Eyelash Lift / Eyelash Lift

Ever want to have voluptuous and curly lashes that help your eyes make a statement? A lash perm has been around for quite some time now and continues to gain popularity. This procedure takes about an hour and can last from four to nine weeks depending on your lashes. One of the greatest benefits is that there is no downtime after getting an Eyelash Perm / Eyelash Lift. You can rub and apply make up to your lashes right after the procedure, allowing you to get your lashes curled even with a busy schedule. The process involves you lying down and closing your eyes while an esthetician use a special roller and perm glue to wrap your lashes. After the procedure is complete, your eyes look more awake and open than ever before. Lash perms are ideal for someone who is always in a hurry and does not have time to curl their lashes or someone who has very straight lashes that don't respond to other techniques such as curling the lashes at home.



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Eyelash Perm / Eyelash Lift in Florida












Eyelash Perm / Eyelash Lift FL
Facials and Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash Perm / Eyelash Lift
Facials By Angels in FL
Facials By Angels in FL











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